Lionia PVC Laminates was established with a vision to innovate something that redefines the beauty of your commercial or residential place, fits your needs, and immensely satisfies you to the heart’s core. We understand that your site deserves a finishing touch with super appealing surfaces, and Lionia provides the same. With our manufacturing unit based out in Morbi, Gujarat has the capacity to produce eco-friendly deliverables. We have been successfully ruling over the hearts of our clients and experiencing their happy and satisfactory smiles for the services that we provide. The best designs and textures that we are providing to our clients are of varied ranges, providing the independence to the client to choose one of their choices.

Creating extraordinary world-class designs for our clients, we feel blessed to be the reason behind the love that Lionia receives and the trust it has gained. Our Managing Director, Mr. Maulik Godhaviya, is a man of discipline and has vast experience in the tile industry. Our Director, Mr. Bhavesh Godhaviya, with an understanding of more than twenty years in the marble industry, came forward with the idea of providing the best laminates around. Being one of the leading brands in the world of laminates, we ensure that we help our people with the bests. Our production capacity has extended to 1.2 Million sqm/annual. A milestone has been achieved!

We want to have a family that is globally extended. In addition to the PVC laminates, we will stretch ourselves to provide several other options for the laminates to the world. Few more designs among the bold, glossy, wooden, sparkles, leather, velvet finishes and more options are yet to be unveiled with the best quality by the Lionia.

We look forward to serving more and growing more with the happy smiles.

Lionia Laminates
Core Values

Our Values

The one-stop solution and the only choice for all the interior designers and brilliant architects is Lionia. We deliver the best quality PVC laminates and walk that extra mile for our clients. Quality over anything and service beyond all is what we believe. The rigorous research and innovation have led us to reach the zenith of satisfaction for our clients. Lionia believes in actions, not mere words; our perfect finish laminates and satisfied clients speak for us. Lionia stands out from the crowd with its diverse designs, textures, flawless finish, and drool-worthy quality.


We have quality inhabit at Lionia. From the beginning of selecting the raw materials for the laminates to the manufacturing, packaging and delivery, we focus on every step. Quality over anything and everything is what we believe and choose for our people.


We are Indians, and we take immense pride in it. Lionia is a global brand and choice of many, but we are made in India. The tag of being Indian and promoting it, fills our hearts with joy and pride. Lionia is Indian, and its products are manufactured in India with love.


Our principles are our roots, and we wish to stay grounded and bound with the seeds. Our principles have helped us reach this stage where the world knows us by our principles. In an industry where just the product matters, we value business ethics to add the values.


We take it as a responsibility to serve the society that we live and are born in. Whether serving the world with our services or taking a step for mother nature by being eco-friendly, we are doing it all. We also takes pride in providing employment opportunities to our people.