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Lionia Laminates have been profoundly proving its efficiency by providing the most reliable PVC laminates options to its believers in the world of PVC laminates. The manufacturing unit of Lionia has been based out in Morbi, Gujarat. Establishing ourselves as one of the leaders in the PVC laminates industry, we believe in providing the best and most diversified range of PVC laminates in the world to India for both the requirements of commercial and residential interiors. Our designs and textures have been ruling the heart of our customers with the remarkable and rich quality that we provide.

With the zeal of providing the best to the tribe and being eco-friendly, Lionia ensured a perfectly blended product that confirms both. We emerged and hustled to make Lionia a brand loved and trusted by people. With a vision of coming up with a brand that resolves the disputes of a perfect laminate to enrich the ambiance, Lionia successfully provided numerous textures and patterns while consistently delivering the best quality to its people.

The designs among the bold, glossy, wooden, sparkles, leather, velvet finishes, and more are yet to be unveiled with the best quality. A perfect finish is what we wish to give to your residential or commercial place. The quality above all and designs beyond all is the quote Lionia and its team dedicatedly work by.

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Surfaces Smile

Lionia wants you to smile, experiencing that your surfaces are smiling. Lionia focused on presenting the most exquisite blend of inventions that would add to the future of the looks and feels of the furniture and the home. While multiple options are available in the market, we take pride in putting forward the PVC laminates by Lionia that provides an enhanced look and aesthetic feel with the best designs. We will soon add up to the list of options in the laminates. Our PVC laminates are something you can’t take your eyes off.

Lionia is the result of a team with dedicated souls and talented brains, united by a man of discipline and skills. With intelligent manufacturing, appealing textures, design features to adore, and quality over anything, Lionia stands out from the crowd. We believe in creating the change and spreading the magic all over. Lionia wants you to experience that change and add value to your lifestyle and living.

Why LIONIAPVC Laminates?

Surfaces must be safe, appealing, strong, and long-lasting, and the list has some more features that play a crucial role. Lionia blends them all to provide its clients with the perfect match as per the requirements. In addition to meeting the needs of our clients, we also consider our business as an opportunity to do something for our mother nature. Hence, we took the step by making our PVC laminates eco-friendly.

As you worry about your surfaces, we help you make them smile and shine. Lionia offers the most reliable options for PVC laminates with a diversified range for the house owners to choose from. The best features that the house and so the house owners can expect from their PVC Laminates to provide, Lionia offers them all.

Let’s dive into the world of features that Lionia PVC laminates offer to its clients:

Salient Features

90 Degree Bent

The PVC Laminates offered by Lionia can be bent up to 90 degrees and is perfect to fit in those unmanageable edges which you were worried about. The PVC laminates by Lionia ensure that every bite of your home gets covered and smiles!

Water Resistant

Lionia PVC Laminates has waterproof PVC laminates for you. You don’t need to have more headaches if the water gets spilled over the surfaces; you already know the surface won’t absorb it and keep itself safe and undamaged!


Keeping the surfaces safe from the pests is crucial for you; we know and understand that well, and hence our laminates have the anti-termite feature to wipe off the stress of keeping the surfaces free from termites and pests.

Fire Retardant

No more fears of the surfaces getting destroyed or damaged due to fire; the PVC laminates by Lionia are fire retardant. Your surfaces are safe, and hence with them, now you can smile too!


If borers have been a matter of concern and stress for your surfaces, then Lionia PVC laminates ensure that they no more show up around your surfaces, disturbing the beauty, as our laminates are anti-borer in nature.

Non Toxic

Lionia PVC laminates by are non-toxic and safe. As we value your health and wish for a safe and healthy life for you and your family, we don't compromise in case of your health and that of the laminates.



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